Vibe™ - Meeting new people!

Vibe™ connects unknown but likeminded people together, allows them to communicate via messaging and display their profile via a wearable display

Problems we solve

"I am missing out on meeting new likeminded people who are around me everyday"

"I want to show people around me what type of person I am, what I care about and become more visible"

"I am missing out on unseen opportunities which may be around me everyday"

How it works

1. The Vibe™ App consists of BLE (Bluetooth Light) connection platform which searches for and connects to other Vibe™ App users where information can be exchanged.

2. The Vibe™ App connects via BLE to a wearable Vibe display pin which can show a user’s own status. The Vibe™ app shows a user’s profile and interaction summary in a format that they can personalise.

3. The Vibe™ pin can be attached to clothing via magnetic fixing or applied to the top of back of a smartphone.

Blue Storm Media Incorporated owns and runs Vibe™